UK Over-60 Life Insurance/High-Risk Occupation Coverage Policy Plans Launched

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Genesage Life Insurance (44-20-3150-1349), based in London, has recently updated its selection of specialised policies. These plans offer coverage to people who could be excluded by other insurers.

With the new announcement, the company provides comprehensive life coverage for people over 60, individuals who work high-risk jobs, and those at risk of getting cancer. All plans are reasonably priced and give adequate financial protection to loved ones should the insured pass away.

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By expanding its selection of life insurance policies, Genesage Life Insurance continues its mission of providing much-needed safeguards for the underinsured. Prospective clients can request a no-cost quotation so they can have a clear idea of the premiums they will have to pay.

Insurance is a cornerstone of financial planning as it provides a safety net should untoward events happen. However, insurers tend to grant policies only to people who are deemed relatively low-risk, thereby alienating a sizable swathe of the population.

To eliminate this gap, Genesage Life Insurance offers insurance plans targeted towards underserved segments. It works only with the most trusted national insurers and negotiates the best deal possible, passing on the savings to clients.

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The broker carries plans for people over the age of 60, the usual cut-off for many life insurance policies. This coverage ensures that should a person pass away, their family will have enough money to cover medical and funeral expenses.

Likewise, women can also get pre-emptive coverage for cancer, in which a payout is awarded should they be diagnosed with this dreaded disease. The benefit can then be used to cover medical expenses and lost wages during treatment.

Lastly, the company offers life coverage for those who work in high-risk environments. These include professionals like electricians, contractors, law enforcement officers, roofers, and machine operators.

About Genesage Life Insurance

Genesage Life Insurance sells innovative policies that help customers have greater peace of mind. With its seamless end-to-end service, clients can save both time and money when applying for a plan.

A spokesperson says: “We offer the best assistance possible. We are skilled in getting you the best cover for your unique needs and explain it in a way that you can understand without needing an insurance background.”

Interested parties may visit if they wish to learn more about the insurance broker and its financial products.

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