UK Organic Barley Green Shake High Vitamin C Low Fat Nutrition Powder Released

Specialist Supplements updated its organic vegan supplement GreeNourish Complete, a 35-ingredient natural health powder that facilitates optimal immune function and improves overall health and energy.

Specialist Supplements, an organic health store based in Wales, announced an update of its supplement range to include a high-quality organic shake. The GreeNourish Complete is a registered product that features over 30 organic ingredients and offers important benefits in terms of improved immunity, better nutritional balance and reduced cholesterol.

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The new announcement aims to provide customers with an effective way to stay healthy and energized.

The coronavirus pandemic has raised public awareness of the importance of a strong immune system, which can fight off infection much easier and substantially reduce the risk of developing severe symptoms.

GreeNourish Complete features a mix of organic products enhanced with Vitamin C to provide a balanced vegan supplement for improved nutrition and immune function.

Ingredients include activated pre-sprouted barley, wheat grass, quinoa, Acai berry, blueberry and many others. The result is an organic mix that is low in fat and rich in healthy fibers, vitamins and nutrients.

The versatile natural powder is easy to integrate into one’s daily diet. It can be added to water, fruit or vegetable juice, soy milk and other drinks.

With the new update, Specialist Supplements continues to expand its range of high-quality health supplements to meet the needs of customers in the UK and internationally.

A satisfied customer said: “I bought this product for the first time about a month ago, I mix with water with a mixer, it takes two minutes and the taste is ok. I have noticed my appetite has decreased but in particular I don’t have the mid morning sugar crave. I feel like I have more energy and it has helped me recover quickly from an operation that went a bit awry with an infection. This is a good product that I’ll be rebuying on a regular basis.”

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