UK Magnesium With L-Taurine 100mg Supplement Vegan Non GMO Pure Food Launched

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UK based supplement brand, Elivide, has launched its flagship wellness product; Magnesium Malate with L-Taurine. Using only the highest quality, vegan approved and non-GMO ingredients it provides many health benefits.

Bath, UK based Elivide, a recently launched supplement brand, has announced the release of its flagship product, named Magnesium Malate with L-Taurine. Each capsule contains a formulation of 100mg of Magnesium and 100mg of L-Taurine, which helps combat stress and regulate blood pressure.

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Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps the body function properly, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation, among others.

L-Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid that plays a crucial role in maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance in cells, among other body functions.

Elivide announced the release of its flagship product that combines this vital mineral and essential amino acids into a supplement anyone can take to improve their overall wellbeing.

The Bath, UK based supplement brand stated that they were motivated to launch their flagship product after searching extensively for artificial additives free supplements on the market to no avail. They also realized many companies are using artificial vitamins, poor quality inorganic minerals, and bad mineral pairing, which often cause an imbalance in unsuspecting consumers.

To ensure the highest quality product, Elivide sources non-GMO and organic ingredients when formulating their supplement. Each ingredient can be traced back to the soil or laboratory it was created in.

As an environmentally conscious company, the UK supplement brand relies on 100% renewable, vegan-approved energy sources in their factory. In addition, the supplements are presented in capsule form packaged in recycled brown glass jars and paper packaging, which helps conserve the environment.

A company spokesperson said: “All of our supplements are additive-free, with no hidden nasties. The purity and sustainability of ingredients are of the utmost importance to us. If ingredients don’t meet these standards, we will not use them in our supplements. We also wanted to do our bit for the environment by manufacturing with 100% renewable energy.”

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