UK Handmade Artist Brushes Non Shedding Handcrafted Set Launched

A UK company has introduced a set of handmade beech artist brushes that sport an elegant finish and are built sturdily, so they can survive years of use without falling apart.

A company specialising in handcrafted art supplies is celebrating its sixth anniversary with the release of a set of art brushes designed to last the artist a lifetime.

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Art Supply Central is offering painters a 14-piece brush set that is handcrafted, shed-proof, and built for continuous hard use. According to its creator, the set is aimed at artists who want to invest in a sturdy brush set that can survive years without needing a replacement.

Each set contains 14 brushes with handles made of beech wood. Seven of those have natural bristles that are ideal for oil painting and six are made of synthetic bristles recommended for pieces that use watercolour and acrylic paint.

Completing the set is an extra-fine detail brush used in creating fine lines and small brush strokes. This item is included in every order.

Moreover, the company provides a free e-book written for new painters, which can be included upon the request of the buyer.

The set contains a wide range of paintbrush shapes, including round, flat, fan, Filbert, and more. These brushes are crafted with long handles that are elegantly designed and secured with aluminum ferrules to maintain their optimum shape over time.

Buyers who want to save an additional 10% when ordering two sets may enter the code “BUY2THXS” at the checkout.

“This set is made for artists who don’t want to settle for cheap, mass-produced paintbrushes that are only good for one-time use,” a company spokesperson said. “What they can expect is a one-time investment because these are made to accompany them through many years of creativity.”

The set has already received numerous positive feedback from artists in the UK and globally. As of this writing, it holds an average score of 4.5 out of five on Amazon based on nearly 500 reviews.

“The paint holds really nicely and then flows when applied to the paper/canvas leaving a really high quality finish allowing me to paint exactly how I want,” said one verified buyer. “I had no idea how different ‘good quality’ brushes would be until I unwrapped these yesterday and YEP, there is a difference!” wrote another customer.

The full specifications and benefits of the paintbrushes can be found at the URL above.

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