UK Google Ranking Expert Force10 Digital: Site SEO Audit Report Service Launched

A comprehensive SEO audit is now available to all small businesses. It shows business owners exactly what they need to do to dominate their niche on Google Maps.

Force 10 Digital, a leading digital marketing firm in Sevenoaks has launched a new service for local businesses. Local businesses in Sevenoaks can now obtain an SEO audit on a complimentary basis by filling out a small form on the company’s website.

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The SEO audit is geared to uncover optimisation opportunities and save local business owners hours of wasted time attempting to tweak their websites. The value of this SEO report is £79 and is available within 24 hours at no charge to all local businesses.

The SEO audit includes search rankings, local listings, reviews, on-site SEO, Social Media ranking, and more. This is a new service for local businesses that clearly reveals how well they are performing online and how they can do better.

All a local business owner has to do is enter their business name, website and location and Force10 Digital will send a customized SEO audit to them. Force10 Digital prepares a detailed, professional, no cost SEO audit report that will help the local business improve its SEO status and therefore their rank on all the major search engines including Google and Bing.

The SEO audit shows a business owner exactly where they rank and helps them develop a game plan to dominate Google maps. It is increasingly important to appear on Google Maps as more users are searching online for local services.

The SEO service will clearly spell out where the specific growth areas lie so that a local business can fill out those sections on its site and present an accurate picture of who and what they do in the market.

This valuable report will also present all the current listings which allow any small business owner to fact check every detail and edit them where there are errors.

Finally, business owners will be able to see their reviews. Reputation marketing and management have become a critical must-do for all small business owners. Good reviews bring in the crowds while just one unaddressed bad review can bankrupt a local business.

Force 10 Digital is willing to work with local businesses who would like to improve their standings online and dominate the Google Money Pack in their niche.

As the SEO Audit is launched, Force 10 Digital hopes it helps progressive local businesses to appear at their best across the internet and social media and begin, once again, to thrive in the aftermath of the pandemic.

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