UK Equity Release Mortgages Interest Only Lifetime Low Rate Services Launched

London, England, financing experts Hitachi Credit recently updated its range of equity release solutions, lifetime mortgages and pensioner mortgages which give clients access to a sum of money from their property.

Hitachi Credit, a professional financing company in London, England, announced the launch of an updated range of equity release solutions and mortgages for pensioners in the United Kingdom. The company offers lower rates for lifetime mortgages, pensioner mortgages and equity release.

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Equity release can help people generate a reliable source of income while allowing them to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in their own home. The newly launched aims to help pensioners release cash from their home without having to move.

As people enter later life, they may find they need additional sources of income. One solution may be to release some money from the value from their home, while continuing to live there.

Equity release allows homeowners aged 55 and over to use the equity or money tied up in their homes to assist with income or capital needs. However, deciding on which plan is suitable for one’s unique needs can be a complex process, and it is important that one seek financial advice from a financing expert.

The team at Hitachi Credit have extensive experience helping pensioners take money out of their home when they need it via an equity release scheme. They can also help clients decide whether an equity release scheme is appropriate, or whether they should consider other options instead.

When choosing the equity release solutions at Hitachi Credit, clients gain access to the money they need to pay for repairs, improvements or adaptations to their home, care or support services, or to supplement their income and pay off their outstanding debts.

Unlike a regular mortgage, clients do not have to make any monthly repayments with a lifetime mortgage and equity release at Hitachi Credit. Interest is only charged on the total borrowing and any interest previously added.

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