UK EPC Assessment For Landlords – Fast Search Price Comparison Network Launched

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Go Local EPC has launched a new network to help landlords easily source an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as legally required in the United Kingdom.

The company has launched a network for landlords seeking clarification on their legal obligations regarding the EPC when renting out their properties. They also offer guidance on how to find a local accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) and compare costs.

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An EPC is a legal requirement for landlords letting any rental property. However, finding the right assessor can prove problematic when making a significant change to the property or putting the property up for sale. Go Local EPC aims to simplify this with the latest launch.

The legislation regarding EPCs was introduced in 2018 in an effort to reduce greenhouse emissions and improve energy efficiency in domestic and commercial properties. Energy efficiency is measured by MEES (Minimum Level of Efficiency), from Band A (best) to Band G (worst), with Band E or better being the minimum requirement for rental properties.

When calculating energy efficiency for a property, certified EPC assessors check land registration records to verify measurements, the age and energy rating of the boiler, type of windows, and heaters and insulation present in the property. Once issued, there is no need for another assessment unless significant changes are made, such as a new boiler, or the installation of cavity wall insulation.

Finding the right EPC assessor for a new EPC or renewal of an existing one can be a problem for landlords. There are many private companies and government resources on finding an assessor, and landlords are often overwhelmed with too much choice. Quality, professionalism, and costs can vary significantly.

Go Local EPC is a network of independent assessors who are all bound by a code of conduct. Landlords searching the network can expect to find a professional, certified local assessor easily, and be able to compare pricing.

A spokesperson said: “The principal goal of Go Local EPC is to match landlords with local assessors who will provide the utmost accurate EPC rating, it’s that simple.”

Full details about Go Local EPC and more information about EPCs and assessors can be found here:

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