UK Dietary Supplement Supplier White-Label Drop-Shipping Services Launched

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Dietary supplement manufacturers and suppliers, Specialist Supplements, have launched a white-label and drop-shipping service for resellers and online retailers.

Dietary supplement suppliers, Specialist Supplements, have launched a white-label and drop-shipping service for resellers of their product range in the United Kingdom.

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The expanded service aims to assist resellers in branding and shipping of supplements without the overheads of label-printing and stock maintenance.

White-label services refer to the process in which a product that has been produced by one company, is rebranded by a second company to give the appearance that it has been produced by them. The technique is not new, but the rise of e-commerce has seen a surge in white-label marketing for common consumer products in recent years, as it provides retailers with their own brand at minimal cost.

Drop-shipping is an order-processing method whereby the seller does not hold stock. On receipt of an order, the product is shipped by a third-party direct to the buyer. Drop-shipping reduces overheads for retailers who do not wish to maintain stock or invest in warehouse facilities of their own, and is particularly well-suited to e-commerce applications.

Specialist supplements have recognised the value of these services to online retailers, and the recently launched services are aimed at retailers who wish to add dietary supplements to their product range, under their own brand, without associated overheads.

The label-printing service includes a small fee for design and set-up of the labels, after which label printing is free-of-charge. The company offers a range of templates to assist clients in design of labels, or clients can supply their own custom artwork.

Resellers of the products are not under any contractual obligations, there are no minimum orders, and are able to set their own pricing for the products they wish to resell. Drop-shipping is also available to resellers who do not wish to maintain their own stock.

Specialist Supplements is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of dietary supplements. All products are manufactured in the UK under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001 standards. Specialist Supplements can ship to customers worldwide.

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