UK Debt Collection Harassment Bankruptcy Alternative IVA Report Launched

A new report collection has been launched by Loans N Mortgages N Debt. They aim to help UK residents struggling with debt to avoid bad debt collection agencies and find a secure solution.

Loans N Mortgages N Debt has launched a series of new reports providing guidance on debt reduction and debt management in the UK. They aim to provide specialist help for those who are being harassed by debt collectors or a number of related agencies.

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The first new report deals with HMRC 1st Locate, an agency that many people feel harassed by when they find themselves in financial difficulty. Their debt collectors specialise in collecting money from those without any spare income or assets.

Readers will learn that they recently collected money for an old defaulted debt bought for 9p in the pound by getting the debtors’ granny to get Aviva equity release. They also urged the debtor to borrow money from loan sharks.

The report urges readers to never pay 1st Locate UK, and to avoid taking calls from 1st Locate HMRC. In addition to this, they advise against responding to letters from 1st Locate UK Ltd Leeds.

Tactics to be aware of include debt collector home visits and harassing phone calls. The intention of these is to persuade people to make payments that they can’t afford.

Another report urges readers to avoid paying Advantis Credit. They provide detailed guidance on why and how Advantis should be avoided and encourage readers to look out for any form of communication from Advantis Debt Collection.

Finally, the report collection warns against dealing with Bluestone Credit Management HMRC Debt Collectors. Their collectors don’t care about lack of savings or assets and use aggressive tactics in order to secure the money they have targeted.

A spokesperson states: “Often the most horrible debt recovery specialists send threatening people to your house to bully you into borrowing money from somewhere else to pay them. Many of the most nasty debt collection service providers use manipulative letters to find out if it is worth putting you in court for a CCJ.”

For those dealing with debt issues, one option for avoiding bankruptcy is to secure an IVA. This is a formal and binding agreement to allow the client to pay back their debt over time.

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