UK Community Placemaking MELA Improve Communication Diverse Places Book Launched

MELA Social Enterprise has launched a new book called 12 Approaches To Relationship Based Placemaking. It was created to help generate conversations and practical solutions for people to use in their engagement with diverse communities.

A new book has been launched by MELA Social Enterprise, which puts cultural diversity at the heart of places. The book is called ‘Connections: 12 Approaches To Relationship Based Placemaking”, which focuses on a multitude of ideas, projects and methods to bring diverse people together.

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The impact of the book is to generate conversations and practical solutions for what architects, urban designers, academics, policy makers and other community centric organisations, like housing associations, who can use it in their everyday engagement with diverse communities.

It focuses on trust building, bridging cultures and promoting complex identities of place. There are 12 authors all together, approaching topics from different disciplinary and professional perspectives. The theme of the book is timely, at a time when world events indicate the consequences of a lack of connections.

The MELA site explains that the organisation works alongside people to creatively co-design community based solutions to public spaces, with the aim of creating democratic, harmonious and convivial everyday experiences of place.

It works to engage with culturally diverse communities in creative ways, helping to empower change, leadership, and collaboration in the co-design of public spaces. The enterprise uses thought leadership and research, collaborative design, intercultural strategy or master planning, and community building to overcome barriers.

The enterprise explains that cultural identity plays a big role in the image and functioning of streets, public spaces and neighbourhoods. MELA was founded on the principle of working alongside people to creatively co-design community based solutions.

Through working with public services and environment professionals like the police, local authorities, schools and more, it aims to strengthen community cohesion.

The new book is MELA’s second publication, and is an ideal guide for communities developing social connections. It is packed with ideas based around the contemporary urban challenge of cultural diversity. Full details can be found on the URL above, and interested parties can find out more using the contact details provided on site.

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