UK Commercial Drone Technology/Regulation Best Online Education Website Launched

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Airstandards has launched a new educational website about drone technology, covering news, product releases, YouTube videos, and legal precedents to keep drone pilots and enthusiasts up to date on the latest developments.

The launch of the Airstandards website aims to provide everyone with comprehensive information about the commercial drone industry, including counter-drone solutions, new commercial drone rules and regulations, and drone classification. With a wide range of up-to-date articles and guides, Airstandards ensures that independent operators can easily collect, manage, and interpret drone data.

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The recently launched website is an in-depth resource for professionals working in multiple industries, including drone-based photography, agriculture, delivery services, search & rescue, surveillance, and firefighting. Additionally, it helps them gain better insight into advancing drone technology and the legal issues that might arise from misuse.

A report by PwC estimates about 76,000 drones in use across the UK by 2030 generating net cost savings of £16 billion. Drone use is expected to uplift the GDP of construction, manufacturing, defence, healthcare, education, wholesale, retail, trade, and food services by £27.7 billion with a significant positive impact on the number of jobs.

With the growth of drone-based enterprises, Airstandards aims to publish and provide information on different areas within drone technology to benefit the public sector and private drone operators. By doing so, Airstandards hopes to bridge the gap between market demand and the volume of information available online.

Additionally, the new website provides valuable information on the new rules and regulations issued by UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for commercial drones, including legal documentation and airspace rules. It also includes resources that explain the drone regulation in the UK and the consequences of not adhering to those regulations.

Featured articles also provide a balanced view of drone use, highlighting the harmful effects of drones on humans, nature, and wildlife. They also discuss the future of drones in healthcare and disaster management.

About Airstandards

Airstandards was established by a group of aircraft enthusiasts to address the lack of information about drone technology in the UK.

A spokesperson at the company states: “Our vision is to bring about greater awareness of recent developments and advancements within the industry, provide reliable news, and report information about anything related to drones.”

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