UK Code-Switching Diversity & Inclusion Webinar For Businesses Announced

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UK diversity and inclusion expert Buki Mosaku has announced his participation in a code-switching webinar to be held on June 10, covering its influence in the workplace.

Buki Mosaku founder of DiverseCity Think Tank, a diversity business consultant based in London, has been confirmed as the special guest in the latest webinar from specialist inclusion recruitment experts, Harisson Holgate. The webinar will be held on Thursday, the 10th of June.

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The announcement of this webinar follows on from a recent investigation conducted by the Harvard Business Review, in which they stated that code-switching is one of the key dilemmas faced by minority employees when dealing with the issue of race in the workplace.

As such, Buki Mosaku in collaboration with Meera Joshi, the head of the Diversity and Inclusion department at Harrison Holgate, is proud to present this webinar titled, ‘Giving yourself the best opportunity to reach the top (or gaining an understanding of Code-Switching and its impact on your career)’.

The webinar is to be held via Zoom on June 10 at 11.00 am London time, GMT+1. Interested participants who would like to register for this informative webinar can do so at

An area that is increasingly drawing attention for its implications in the workplace, code-switching refers to the process by which people of colour, marginalised groups and from minority backgrounds ‘switch’ the way they talk, behave and dress in order to mirror the dominant racial, socioeconomic and sexual orientation makeup of a workplace.

It can involve a person trying to change their accent, normal patterns of speech and word choices, as well as opinions and dispositions. And while it can be advantageous from a career perspective it tends to be extremely damaging on a personal level.

Buki Mosaku believes that code-switching is not a choice, but something that is forced upon people of minorities by the dominant culture in a workplace and is often mandated through behaviours like micro-aggressions.

Ultimately he believes that the need for code-switching can ultimately lead to various forms of Stockholm Syndrome( including Racial, Heterosexual and ‘Gendering’ or ‘Patriarchal’ Stockholm Syndrome) in which victims of bias, bond with the perpetrators of this bias and in the process lose their sense of identity and self-worth.

The purpose of this webinar is to teach business owners, team leaders, human resources managers et al., how they can reverse the trend towards code-switching by creating a workplace environment that values and embraces diversity at all levels.

Buki Mosaku is a leading diversity and inclusion consultant based in London and the author of I Don’t Understand: Practical Guide to Navigating Bias in the Workplace. He has worked extensively with a number of prolific companies as a communications expert, trainer and coach.

A spokesperson said of the upcoming webinar, “Join us for an interactive discussion during which we will discuss the development and progression of underrepresented groups’ career paths and the impact of code-switching on corporate life.”

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