UK Business Debt Collections Agency Service Provider Selection Guide Released

Taurus Collections, a UK-based collections agency that provides services across the country, has released a new guide on how businesses can find a reputable collections agency.

Taurus Collections, a UK-wide commercial debt collecting agency located in Derby, England, has just released a guide entitled “A Good Collection Agency”, which focuses on how customers can find a high-quality debt collection service.

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This latest announcement will help businesses and clients in need of debt collecting services find an agency that best suits their needs.

Debt has risen significantly in the UK as a result of the economic crisis spurred by the pandemic, with household borrowing and arrears rising by more than 66% in 2020. Businesses in the UK are also struggling to cope with the economic pressures associated with social distancing measures, making debt collection vital to keeping many businesses afloat.

Taurus Collections’ guide responds to these trends by providing businesses with helpful tips and information on finding a reputable debt collecting agency that provides high-quality service.

The guide recommends that businesses look for a collections agency that has at least 5 years of trading history, as there are many agencies that are set up and disappear within a year. It explains that these newer agencies will not have the strong reputation that comes from building long-term, trusting relationships with clients.

Taurus Collections’ guide also suggests that businesses inquire about the pre-trial success rate of any agency they might potentially hire, as pre-trial collection is the most cost-effective method of debt collection for businesses.

In addition to researching an agency’s success rates and trading history, the guide recommends that businesses research testimonials from other clients, checking if the agency treats its customers with respect and if it provides an ethical service.

The release of this resouce is in line with Taurus Collections’ commitment to helping UK businesses from all industry sectors recover their debts. With multiple years’ experience in debt collection, Taurus Collections has developed a strong reputation for their bespoke debt recovery services.

One satisfied client said: “Excellent service from start to finish. Taurus were very helpful and professional throughout the process. Our customer was particularly difficult, and I was very impressed when Taurus managed to collect all of the funds.”

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