UK Business Consultant Marketing Lead Generation & Exposure eCourse Launched

Ecomlee Digital Courses has launched a new work from home lead generation course, aimed at entrepreneurs and local small business owners with a passion for marketing their brand name visibility.

Ecomlee Digital Courses, an authorised partner of The Internet Business School, have launched a new lead generation local small business marketing training course, for participants in the UK. It is designed to help people bring in more leads for their business, or to promote their own lead generation business.

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The site explains that The Internet Business School is a leading provider of digital marketing training throughout the UK. It offers a variety of courses for entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals looking to develop their skills.

Founded by Simon Coulson MBA, the company have coached thousands of business owners across the country and on an international scale. This has helped those businesses to grow and generate more revenue through new lead generation and digital marketing strategies.

The latest course from Ecomlee Digital Courses is designed to teach business owners how to increase their exposure online. It offers expert guidance on how to bring in more customers and make more sales.

It’s also ideal for anyone thinking of getting into business coaching and marketing. With the information they learn as part of the course, participants can build their own marketing business and help others to improve their lead generation strategies.

The opportunities to help local businesses market themselves properly are vast, with thousands of services in towns and cities all across the country.

Participants also get access to bonus material, including local business contract templates, local business sales letters, sample project agreement contacts forms, sample invoicing and estimate spreadsheets, sample website design and maintenance contracts, and strategies for overcoming objections and closing the sale.

Ecomlee Digital Courses can also help prospects with Google ranking visibility services. Further details on this can be found at:

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Those wishing to find out more about the courses provided by Ecomlee Digital Courses can visit their website on the link provided above.

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