UK Boardroom Office Chairs With AirComfort Cushion Adamas Line Announced

Burgess Furniture announces their new line of Adamas chairs, to commemorate their 60th anniversary in 2019. The firm has a firm reputation as the manufacturers of elegant and high-quality home and commercial furniture. The Adamas chairs are available with and without arms.

To celebrate their 60th anniversary this year, hospitality furniture manufacture Burgess announces the introduction of the Adamas line of chairs. These chairs have been given a sleek new design in keeping with their modern customer base for the boardroom or the office.

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When buying any kind of office furniture, the trifold challenge is to find furniture that is comfortable, durable, and good to look at. Office and conference furniture also must be easy to maintain and store away when not in use. Meeting all these requirements at an affordable price point becomes easy with the likes of discerning furniture manufacturers such as Burgess Furniture.

For the past 60 years, the firm has produced quality furniture for every space in the home or workplace. Their newest release, the Adamas line of chairs is based on the original and classic Turini design. This classic design has been revisited and reinvented for modern tastes.

The chair back features a unique sandwich design that effectively conceals all the structural frame elements and gives the chairs a sleek and elegant appearance. The chairs are available in four distinct back designs, ranging from entirely oval to a full square. The chair seats are also available with variations in depth.

The seat of the Adamas chairs by Burgess Furniture is made of AirComfort cushions which have been approved by the FIRA, ensuring maximum seating support and luxury. This makes them the ideal choice for offices and meeting venues. All the chair models in the Burgess Furniture Adamas range can be converted into armchairs.

The chairs are available in a wide range of elegant Burgess fabrics The Adamas chairs can be stacked to 10 high, both with or without arms and have lightweight aluminum extrusion. For more information visit their website given above or call them on +44-330-333-9258.

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