UK Bespoke Wardrobe Shutter Slide Doors Made To Measure Services Launched

UK leading shutters and blinds manufacturer Shuttercraft launched an updated collection of wardrobe door shutters. Available in a wide range of styles and materials, these shutters are ideal for homeowners looking to maximize space efficiency and improve wardrobe ventilation.

Shuttercraft, a UK company specializing in high-quality shutters and blinds, announced a new line of bespoke wardrobe door shutters. A superior alternative to traditional solid doors, wardrobe door shutters take up less space and offer improved breathability, making them ideal for homeowners looking to maximize usable space while also keeping their clothes fresh and ventilated.

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After updating its range of room divider shutters and window treatments, Shuttercraft continues to expand its collection of bespoke shutters by offering clients throughout the UK a full range of bespoke wardrobe door shutters design, manufacture and installation services.

According to Shuttercraft, the main advantage of this type of wardrobe doors is space efficiency; by being installed on track systems, these doors can be slid open and closed without taking up any exterior space. Similarly, door shutters can also be installed with a simple and effective folding mechanism.

Another advantage is the breathability offered by the louvres. Homeowners can control the degree of openness by adjusting the louvres, thus increasing ventilation and avoiding unpleasant musty smells.

Shuttercraft provides free home visits to help potential clients find a style and material suitable for their interior spaces. The company offers made-to-measure wardrobe door shutters in a variety of colours and made of a wide range of materials. From ABS Java shutters – more affordable and suitable for humid environments – to premium hardwood models, the UK company caters for a wide range of style and design preferences.

The recent service update comes as part of Shuttercraft effort to consolidate its position as a leading provider of bespoke window treatments.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Shuttercraft is trusted by people all over the UK to provide a dependable service and premium products. You can count on our local shutter specialists to help you choose a bespoke solution for your home. We know our ranges inside out, and can advise on the best designs for your space. We fit beautiful made-to-measure shutters that you’ll enjoy for years to come.”

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