UK Based Rhinologist Reduces Appointments Due to Tier 4 Local Lockdown Status

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UK Based Rhinologist Reduces Appointments Due to Tier 4 Local Lockdown Status. Dr San Sunkaraneni talks about his service

Local Surrey-based rhinology surgery is now delighted to invite local residents to take a look at the wide range of facilities they have to offer – the clinic, GuildfordENT – is run by Dr. San Sunkaraneni, a renowned UK rhinology specialist and ENT surgeon who specializes in rhinological conditions.

Dr San Sukaraneni currently works at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, located in Guildford. He does, however, include other areas, such as London, Sussex, and Hampshire, with community services. San also runs an outpatient NHS clinic on a fortnightly basis at Cranleigh Village Hospital and gets multiple referrals from all parts of the UK.

Sunkaraneni is also an honorary consultant at Ashford, St Peter’s Hospitals, and Epsom General Hospital. As a graduate of the University of London, Sunkaraneni specializes in ear, nose, and throat problems and his rhinology department demonstrate continuity. He has years of experience supporting patients with a wide variety of issues. He was finishing his general ENT training in Addenbrooke. School, Cambridge and, as a result of its many successes, were selected to spend a year completing sub-specialty training at St. Paul’s Sinus Centre, a renowned Canadian institution, from a highly competitive foreign market. Sunkaraneni was the 2010 recipient of the Traveling Award of the Royal Society of Medicine, and later received the British Rhinological Society’s Traveling Fellowship of the same year.

Sunkaraneni is able to diagnose and answer these questions, based on his extensive education and experience. Nasal issues can make one’s life very stressful, and may even have significant health effects. Before they cause more discomfort or harm, seeking medical attention will quickly eliminate nasal problems. As one of Sunkaraneni’s specialties is Rhinoplasty, or as it is more commonly called a nose job, it is ideally suited to helping its patients by sculpting the perfect nose. Ear disorders can cause anything from mild pain to total hearing loss in those affected.

Dividing the causes of hearing loss, conductive and sensorineural, into two broad categories. Conductive stimuli are much easier to manage and can be the result of something as easy as, for instance, building up the earwax. But they may also be more complicated and require the intervention of an ear specialist. Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by viral infections, noise damage, or minor development.

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