UK Based Process Measurement Specialists Bring USB Data Loggers to Customers

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UK Based Process Specialists unveil new range of available USB data loggers for temperature and humidity control. Read on to find out more.

Earlier today our team noticed an update from UK based process measurement specialists Process Parameters – about the release of USB Data Loggers – now available to customers in the UK. Process Parameters provide fast and reliable USB data loggers with a wide variety of data logging applications for calculation and storage of temperatures, humidity, carbon monoxide, voltage and electricity. Monitor the vaccine storage temperature so that they are at the optimal temperature for effectivity in the patients. Ensure the highest humidity and temperature and be able to manage and control it for priceless exhibits. The heating and cooling system reliability can also be tested in homes, in the workplace or inside factories and warehouses to ensure optimal air control and temperature control is achieved.

Process Parameters have the solutions needed to get most consumers and industries started and support both USB in remote technologies (Such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC or even cellular). When receiving a logger, to get started is as simple as connecting it up, checking and choosing the settings and it’s all done via an extremely simple to use application. Once the app is installed, connect up the data logger and it’s good to begin logging. The alarm function available lets the data logger inform the user when an environment that’s being logged gets too hot or considerably cold. When the test is complete and the user has recorded the necessary data from what has been gathered, the data can be viewed on PC, smartphone, tablet or laptop before being prompted with the option to save a copy locally or stored safely in the cloud.

If any reader is interested in USB data loggers for temperature or humidity in any environment or setting of their choosing, or any other services and products offered by Process Parameters, please click here:

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