UK Back Support Stretchsit Cushion For Compression & Pain Relief Launched

Body4Real, a retailer based in Slough, Buckinghamshire, launched a new product on the UK market, the Stretchsit Cushion by Gorkhale Method, designed to maintain a healthy spinal shape.

Body4Real, a British online retailer based in Slough, Buckinghamshire, specialising in providing grooming products for men and women, announced the launch of a new product on the UK market, the Stretchsit Cushion by Gorkhale Method, professionally designed to establish healthy posture ideals.

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Body4Real has over 19 years of experience providing a wide range of products, including hair care and hair removal products, tattoo aftercare, facial bleaches, shaving rash treatments and more.

The company pride themselves on being a highly ethical company dedicated to customer service. Their expert team spends hours on a daily basis answering queries and dealing with customer service issues to make each client’s internet shopping an enjoyable and safe experience.

The retailer does not store financial data, such as credit card details, and all financial transactions are processed directly by their payment system providers, WorldPay or PayPal. In addition, they do not sell or rent customer data to any third party company, thus ensuring maximum data security.

The recent announcement is part of the company’s commitment to constantly adding innovative new products to their line up. Using their secure and customer-friendly website, clients all over the UK can now purchase the Stretchsit Cushion, a portable, compact product that is very easy to install on all types of chairs and very easy to use.

Unlike a lumbar support cushion, the Stretchsit Cushion elongates rather than compresses the low back, thus encouraging and maintaining a natural, healthy spinal shape. If used regularly, the cushion lengthens the long muscles of the back and provides additional space for spinal discs and nerves.

A satisfied client said: “Our chiropractor of 12 years described what she wanted me to put on my car seat, but said the original company went out of business. It took me weeks of searching to stumble upon this gem. I know it seems simple and you may wonder if it’s worth the money. Yes, it is simple, but it also has the perfect size, firmness, and thickness to do what it needs to do. And yes, it’s worth every penny for me. In addition to a wedge, this cushion makes all the difference. Less shoulder and neck pain, better posture, even less eye strain. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website or calling +44-20-8123-0321.

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