UBERDOC Inc. Announces Price Reduction in Direct-Pay Visits to Doctors

Boston-based Consumer Health App for Direct-Pay Healthcare Now Offers Patients a reduced direct-pay doctor visit in Response to the Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on UBERDOC Patients

Boston, MA–July, 2020–UBERDOC, Inc. (“UBERDOC”) announces price reduction for patients using UBERDOC for direct-pay doctor visits, both in-person or telemedicine. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on patients, physicians, and access to care. As everyone continues to adjust to this new world living with COVID-19, UBERDOC has acknowledged the inevitable changes to come in the healthcare system. UBERDOC stands in solidarity with doctors and patients to promote affordable, high-quality, and reliable care. To address the economic impacts of the Coronavirus, UBERDOC has repriced their direct-pay visits to $250.

The UBERDOC team has defied healthcare norms, and successfully created the solution to inaccessible and costly healthcare. UBERDOC is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare platform where the patient-doctor relationship is renewed in an attempt to redefine what healthcare should look like. UBERDOC eliminates the middle-man to provide a network of healthcare physicians at an affordable and transparent price.

UBERDOC was founded in 2016 by Paula M. Muto, MD, FACS, a Vascular and General surgeon in solo practice and owner of the Vein Center at Mutosurgical in North Andover, M.A.

“UBERDOC exemplifies affordable and accessible healthcare–without sacrificing the quality of care. Receiving care and affording care should not be juxtaposed, but our economy thrives off of the exclusivity of accessible medical care. Our country’s healthcare system is crippling, leaving many individuals choosing between debt or life-saving medical attention. COVID-19 has undoubtedly exposed the shortcomings in our healthcare system, and emphasized the inaccessibility of healthcare in the United States.” Muto adds, “UBERDOC’s mission to streamline healthcare to everyone is not diminished amidst a global pandemic. Instead, our team has become even more aware of our responsibility and role in providing transparent healthcare to everyone.”

At uber-docs.com, patients search by medical specialty, book and pay for an in-person or telemedicine doctor appointment using a HSA (Health Savings Account), FSA or credit card, and see the Medical Doctor at the scheduled time and place. A $50 transaction fee secures the appointment, and $200 is charged after the consult is determined completed by the doctor. Doctors are paid immediately and directly through the secure and HIPAA-compliant UBERDOC platform.

About UBERDOC, Inc.

Established in 2016, UBERDOC provides priority access to the best doctors for an affordable, transparent price. UBERDOC’s unrivaled mobile technology and transparent pricing structure make it simple and easy for patients needing urgent medical care to instantly connect to a choice of board certified medical doctors without requiring a referral, insurance paperwork or having to wait many months for an appointment. In exchange, doctors get access to patients that pay instantly from their credit card or HSA without any billing overhead or insurance negotiations.

The Boston-based, privately held company, founded by Paula Muto, MD, FACS, a vascular and general surgeon, is owned and operated by a majority female team. Muto has been credited as an expert in the healthcare industry by publications like Huffington Post, Fox business, Becker’s Hospital Review, General Surgery News, Vascular Surgeon and Boston magazine.

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