U-Save Moving and Storage Unveils Factors Affecting Moving Costs

The cost of a move depends on factors including service level, amount of things to be moved, and more, reports U-Save Moving and Storage.

Those who are planning on a move often wonder what it will cost to get the job done. People often report a huge range of prices for their moves, which makes it much harder to know what to expect. The reason for this is, in part, because there are several different levels of moving services to choose from. As with anything else, a good general rule is to expect higher prices with a greater service level.

"Many people ask 'how much do movers cost,' but the reality is, we need to get a lot of specifics before we can give a quote," said Jae Burnham of U-Save Moving and Storage, a Lansing, Michigan moving company. "One of the first questions we ask is what the person wants done. With our top-tier service, we will come into the current location, pack everything up, disassemble anything that needs to be taken apart, take everything to the new location, and go in there and set everything back up where the client wants it. On the other hand, our most basic service doesn't involve us moving anything further than from the current location to a truck that the client has rented. Needless to say, the difference in price between the top level and the most basic one can be hundreds of dollars or even more."

Another important factor is how many items need to be moved, how heavy they are, and what kinds of things they are. This determines how many people will be needed for the labor, what kind of packing will be required, and the size of the truck needed. It also is a big factor in how many labor hours will be needed.

The distance of the move becomes important after enough mileage has added up. Therefore, it's cheaper to move to a different house in the same town than it is to go to one across the country.

"One thing customers need to look out for when they hire movers is hidden charges. Some Lansing movers sound cheap, but then pad the bill with all sorts of extras that can make the bottom line far higher than expected. This complicates the process of finding a mover because the customer has to be sure to ask about all costs. At U-Save, we pride ourselves on giving quotes that disclose all costs up front so there are no surprises whatsoever," Burnham said. "More information is available on our site at www.usavemovingandstorage.com."

In general, the more work the client does on their own, the lower the cost of the move will be. However, for many people, it's well worth it to get a higher service level in order to avoid spending hours of time or trying to move heavy furniture without a crew. This makes top-level service quite popular even though it isn't cheap.

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U-Save Moving and Storage is a Lansing, Michigan-based moving company that can handle everything from full moves to loading rented trucks. It also offers storage solutions for those who don't have room to take everything along.

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