U.S. Delivery Driver Personal Injury Risks/Rates – NJ Law Firm Report Released

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Workplace injuries among delivery drivers have been steadily increasing over the last decade. One personal injury firm (866-778-5500) has released a guide so delivery drivers can better understand the risks they face on the job.

Console & Associates P.C. has just released a new report, titled Dangers Delivery Drivers Face. This publication analyzes 10 years of U.S. data regarding injuries, thefts, traffic accidents, and other incidents faced by delivery drivers.

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This report provides delivery drivers, especially those employed as gig economy workers, with a valuable resource to protect themselves against the risks associated with the job.

Founded in 1994, Console & Associates’ dedicated team of lawyers have worked with victims of car accidents, boating accidents, dog bites, spinal injuries, and more, in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The firm’s latest resource was written in response to a sharp uptick in injury cases from delivery drivers. The law firm hopes that in releasing this report, delivery drivers can become empowered to recognize the dangers they face on the job, avoiding risky situations and injury while working.

The lawyers are particularly concerned about the conditions gig economy drivers face. Because of their precarious employment position, freelance drivers are at a greater risk of injury and exploitation.

The report outlines that automobile accidents only account for a fraction of injuries that drivers faced over the last decade. Dog bites and attacks, for instance, are especially common among delivery people.

Delivery drivers are not the only profession covered in this resource. Uber and other car taxi drivers can also find helpful safety information in the report. Indeed, Uber crash fatalities have been steadily increasing, which highlights the need for increased legal protection for these types of workers.

With this announcement, Console & Associates P.C. reaffirms their commitment to providing clients with the protection they need after experiencing a personal injury. The lawyers have also developed a strong reputation for a successful track record dealing with injury suits and high level of client care.

Founder and managing attorney of Console & Associates P.C., Richard P. Console, Jr. said: “If you’re making a living as a delivery driver, you need to know that you could be at risk. Traffic accidents, dog bites, car jackings, and other acts of violence are among the dangers delivery drivers face.”

He further explained: “Knowing these risks and what steps you can take to minimize them can help keep you safer and reduce the chances of a tragedy occurring.”

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