Tyler Longland Kidney Donation Following Massive Stroke Campaign Launched

A new kidney transplant campaign has been launched by Tyler Longland and his family. The 34-year-old desperately needs a new kidney after suffering a massive stroke.

A new kidney transplant donation campaign has been launched by the family of 34-year-old Tyler Longland. A callout has been issued for anyone with two healthy kidneys who could be able to donate one of them to help save a life.

More information can be found at: https://kidney4ty.com/home

The family explained that if someone has two healthy kidneys, they can donate one to enhance or save Tyler’s life. Both the donor and Tyler can live a healthy, happy life with just one kidney.

This means that donating a kidney can save two lives, and help both families to live with added peace of mind. The gift of giving enhances the donor’s life and the recipient’s.life.

Tyler suffered from a massive stroke, traumatic brain injury, and kidney failure. A kidney transplant would extend his life for many decades.

His family describes him as an amazing young man who is kind, caring and passionate. However,it was discovered that he suffers from Antiphospholipid Syndrome, which shut down his kidneys and skyrocketed his blood pressure, causing the stroke.

Living organ donors are usually between the ages of 18 and 60 years old. Interested parties looking to become a donor will be checked to see if they are compatible.

This means finding a compatible blood type, tissue type, and matching with certain other markers.

Donors will be carefully evaluated to ensure they’re healthy enough to donate. However, by donating they will be have an immediate impact and help Tyler and his family in the most amazing way possible.

There are over 100,000 people waiting for a kidney across the US. This means that there are many more people looking for a kidney than there are donating.

Anyone interested in kidney donation to help save Tyler’s life is encouraged to get in touch with the family’s nearest transplant center, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. If they are a healthy match, they can schedule a transplant at a time that suits both families.

Full details can be found at https://kidney4ty.com/home.

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