Two Top Criminal Attorneys In The Houston Area Work Together For Co-Defendants

Anytime there are two co-defendants in the same case hiring different attorneys for each defendant is always better for each defendant. Hiring two of the top attorneys is even better

It is never a good idea for one attorney to represent co-defendants (when more than one client is arrested and charged with the same offense.) That is why JL Carpenter and Mekisha Jane Walker work together to represent their clients.

JL Carpenter and Mekisha Jane Walker were recognized as top criminal attorneys by H. Texas Magazine in 2017. Although both have their own individual practices, they often work together on cases when more than one client is involved in the same case or when multiple jurisdictions are involved.

Both attorneys are well known by their peers as tough, knowledgeable attorneys with a high success rate in defending their clients. Both attorneys have been Assistant District Attorneys and that gives them a distinct advantage when defending their clients. Having worked both sides of the system, they know where the prosecution is likely to go and how to defend their clients.

Most recently, two Houston contractors were accused of felony theft. Both wanted to hire JL Carpenter. Attorney Carpenter explained why it is in their individual best legal interests to hire separate attorneys and then referred the second client to Mekisha Jane Walker.

The attorneys came together in a common defense for the benefit of both of their clients. After reviewing the paper trail through the discovery process, together JL Carpenter and Mekisha Jane Walker secured dismissals for both clients.

While both clients were extremely happy with the outcome, one was even more relieved because any sort of conviction would have subjected him to deportation from the United States. Additionally, due to these attorneys’ respected relationships with prosecutors, there was no need to take these cases all the way to a jury. The prosecutor used discretion and was cognitive of the big picture. Dismissing these cases in lieu of a jury trial saved the taxpayers time and money.

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