Two Dog Leash Coupler For Large Dogs Padded Handle Walking Equipment Launched

Leashboss, a dog training equipment company, launched a new large dog leash coupler with an additional 4-foot leash. The new product, called Double Up, is designed for walking two large dogs simultaneously and it can also be adapted for individual dog walking.

Leashboss, a company specializing in dog training equipment, launched Double Up, a leash coupler with an added 4-foot leash designed for walking two large dogs at the same time.

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Leash walking is one of the most important activities for the physical and social well being of all dogs, as it is during this activity that most dogs interact with other pets, establish their territory and do a variety of other activities.

However, for most owners of more than one dog, finding the necessary time to walk both pets can be rather difficult. One potential solution to this problem would be to use a leash coupler, allowing the dog owner to walk both dogs at the same time.

For this purpose, a solid, heavy-duty leash is essential, especially if the dogs are of larger breeds. Average leashes cannot typically withstand the constant pulling that larger breeds are known to exert, often causing issues for both dog and owner.

Double Up, the new leash coupler from Leashboss, can be an effective solution for dog owners looking to walk two dogs at the same time.

The leash is especially designed for increased endurance under the heaviest pulling pressure. The leash is built using heavy duty hardware and 1 inch nylon webbing, making it adequate for medium and large dog breeds.

Double Up consists of two parts, a leash coupler and a 4-foot single leash, thus making it a versatile product allowing for both individual and paired dog walking. Owners can thus switch between walking a single dog by simply connecting the two straps to the respective pet, or using each strap for a different dog.

With large dog breeds, pulling pressure can cause significant hand pain. Double Up is equipped with a solid-core padded handle for safe and painless usage.

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