TWISM Financial, Inc a leader in finance now promoting Credit Repair Services

TWISM Financial Inc, a leader in lending announced the their new credit repair service beginning 01/23/2020. More information can be found at or call 888-532-1137.

Customers looking for the latest credit repair service will soon be able to get involved with TWISM Financial. Today Malik Bey, Sr. Finance Manager at TWISM Financial, Inc releases details of the new credit repair services department to compliment their other finance products.

The credit repair service is designed to appeal specifically to customer and includes:

Dispute inaccurate and outdated items on credit report – This feature was included because It will massively improve the customer’s ability to obtain better credit scores.. This is great news for the consumer as It will enable customers to apply for mortgages, credit cards and loans with better interest rates..

Credit repair service- This was made part of the service, to assist customers in having a better financial future. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because 70 percent of what is being reported on clients credit report is inaccurate..

Adding positive credit – TWISM Financial made sure to make this part of the Business finance Service’s development as To assist customers in adding positive tradelines to help boost their credit score. Customers of the Business finance Service will likely appreciate this because Lenders, banks and creditors like to see a mixture of tradelines .

Malik Bey, when asked about the credit repair service said:

“We make every attempt to assist each customers with the fastest improvement to their credit profile, so that they can begin their journey to a better financial future. Weather that is the purchase a new home, buy a car, start a business, etc. We can help.”

This is the latest offering from TWISM Financial and Malik Bey is particularly excited about this launch because our service will enable customers build generational wealth.

Those interested in learning more about TWISM Financial and their credit repair service scan do so on the website at or calling 888-532-1137

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