Twin Peaks Charter Academy reaction and discussion of COVID-19

TPCA has stood apart from other schools in this area. By the directors own words, most of the students at TPCA have had 90% more in person schooling than peers at other schools.

Twin Peaks Charter Academy, TPCA, believes in academic excellence. Per Twin Peaks website, TPCA’s mission is as follows: Twin Peaks Charter Academy provides students with a rigorous education and the foundations of virtue and character, building cultural literacy through a rigorous, content-rich curriculum in an encouraging environment. Founded in 1997, TPCA was founded by parents who were searching for the best education for their children. Since the beginning Twin Peaks Charter Academy has focused on content rich curriculum and high expectations.

When the novel coronavirus hit in March of 2020, most businesses were not prepared for the pandemic. Schools were no different. COVID19 was unprecedented and many schools and businesses were left trying to determine the next steps. Most schools had to shut down for extended periods of time to try and slow the spread of the virus. In most cases education was moved online and students were taking classes remotely. The benefit of the coronavirus occurring in March was that summer break was not far out. Most students had the opportunity to have a summer break where parents did not have to worry about remote learning. However, a question that continued to plague students, parents and school district were what fall would look like for returning back to school.

TPCA had this same dilemma, and worked diligently to make the best choice for their students. They developed the Returning to School During a Pandemic Plan that was and still is updated. Working alongside the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Boulder County Health Department, TPCA has tried to determine and implement the best for all students. The main goal was to keep children safe but also to not disrupt their learning and keep them in-person school. The Board of Directors and Teachers have worked hard to make sure that students were able to attend in-person classes. However, they put many items into place in case they had to quarantine or move to remote learning. By continuing to keep an open line of communication for students and parents TPCA has ensured that they are able to give real time updates in regards to in person school, remote learning, and all pandemic updates.

Twin Peaks Charter Academy has lived its mission statement throughout COVID19. They continue to ensure that their top priority is their students.

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