Twin Oaks MO Emotional Wisdom Training – Personal Development Program Launched

Twin Oaks, MO - Emotional Wisdom Training Institute (503-939-9675) announces that it has reopened its popular Core Alignment Coaching due to popular demand. The training session details five key steps that students can do today to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

Taught by internationally renowned speaker, Kate Michels, MCC, NLP, the new program combines neuro-linguistic programming with traditional psychology to create a personalized blueprint for success. Students are taught how to shift their self-talk and improve their self-image to gain happiness in their lives.

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The reopened Core Alignment Coaching uses an innovative approach to coaching. Michels explains that true happiness can only be achieved when the body, mind, and heart are all working together in harmony: the conscious mind being the body, the subconscious aspect being the mind, and the unconscious soul being the heart.

This is achieved, in part, through focused training using neuro-linguistic programming or NLP – a psychological approach that relates language to patterns of behavior. Experts say that how a person talks to themselves directly translates to their physical actions.

One reason why NLP has gained popularity, especially in the world of coaching, is because it gives full power back to the patient. By recognizing the importance of self-talk, students understand that success can be achieved entirely through their efforts. This empowers them to take the coaching seriously and follow the outlined plan to the letter.

This is what is called emotional wisdom training. Michels guides students to develop a maturity in how they think so that they begin to consciously and subconsciously perform behaviors that contribute to their version of success.

The goal of the training is to become incredibly self-aware through a unique and creative process of discovery.

That said, the Core Alignment Coaching is not limited to personal development. The training may also be used by business executives for their leadership development programs.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, “Our teaching method embraces a holistic approach to aligning the arenas of the mind that work together through the body, mind, and heart. This is the very basic foundation of where we begin to support our coaches and clients in aligning with the core of who we really are and what we really want.”

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