Turning CMDXeros into Heroes

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CMDX is a global community dedicated to generating wealth for its members by rewarding members with cryptocurrency for health and business related activities. CMDX Members can spend their rewards on CMDX Marketplace, making healthcare more affordable.

To fee or not to fee, that is the question: CMDX Revolutionizing the Blockchain Ecosystem with Zero-Fee Transactions

With crypto stalling in emerging growth, CMDX seeks to boost wealth of investors by removing barriers created by exorbitant transaction fees

Roseau Dominica (March 30, 2021) —While NFTs are all the buzz right now in the blockchain world, one token provider has been working quietly behind the scenes to transform the way people trade crypto by creating a zero-fee transaction environment.

CMDX, the world’s top health cryptocurrency network that rewards its community members with crypto in exchange for their health data, has already revolutionized the way people earn and spend crypto. Community members can earn crypto rewards on its platform and then spend their rewards on CMDX’s marketplace on a wide array of health goods and services.

And now, expanding further on its revolutionary approach to wealth generation, CMDX has announced the launch of CMDXero, a zero-fee transaction (ZFT), private blockchain environment.

When blockchain first emerged, business executives and visionary entrepreneurs, including Dan Tapscott, touted its potential in lifting people out of poverty. But with transaction fees skyrocketing, investing in and trading on the blockchain has become out of reach for everyday people, nullifying what many see as one of the most attractive ecosystem features.

CMDX created CMDXero in response to these rapidly rising transaction fees, which pose an insurmountable barrier for many would-be members of CMDX who are looking to create better health and more wealth. Utilizing the CMDXplorer blockchain explorer, members can transact business with full transparency and with ZFTs. Members can earn CMDRewards and transfer them into CMDXero minus the transaction fees giving them more purchasing and investing power across the CMDX platform and beyond. CMDXero total supply and market price is synchronized and pegged to the public CMDX token.

CMDX community members also enjoy a wealth of benefits, including minting for free to CMDXero tokens, free CMDXero wallet-to-wallet transactions, zero transactions in purchasing products and services on CMDXMarket, and subscribing to CMDX’s AI health assistant Brittany for ZFT.

Tom McMurrain, CMDX CEO, has touted ZTFs like CMDXero as the future of blockchain and the best solution to truly leveling the playing field and giving investors worldwide the greatest opportunity to maximize their wealth. He believes that CMDXero will serve as the currency for his members and the CMDX token will be the store of value for members who want to hedge against the high cost of healthcare.

“Crypto growth has been stagnant in emerging markets, primarily because of skyrocketing transaction fees. And as new NFTs and DAPPs emerge, fees will continue to skyrocket, squeezing out potential investors while making rich miners richer,” said McMurrain. “CMDXero is putting the word “currency” back into the word cryptocurrency and making investing in crypto more attainable for over half of the world with our ZFT model. Our mission with CMDX has always been to provide more opportunities to people globally to grow their wealth, especially those from emerging economies, and CMDXero is an important tenet of that mission.”

Xero… now appears to be the emerging growth markets hero.

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