Turkey vs United States Hair Transplant Costs Guide Launched

The hair transplant experts, pschairartistry.com, have launched a new hair transplant costs guide for those who want to explore the opportunity of getting high quality hair transplants at a lower cost.

Hair transplant expert pschairartistry.com released a hair transplant costs guide with everything US residents need to know to explore the opportunity of getting a cheaper hair transplant outside the US.

More information is available at https://pschairartistry.com/how-much-does-a-hair-transplant-cost-in-turkey-vs-usa/

Pschairartistry.com is a directory of Turkish based medical hair transplant doctors which categorises each doctor based on reviews, patients’ personal experiences and transparent processes.

Drawing on their considerable breadth of information and experience in the hair transplant industry in Turkey, the company released a new hair transplant costs guide which answers the question how much does a hair transplant cost and compares the costs of hair transplants in Turkey vs the US.

The guide offers a variety of information, including the best hair clinics in Turkey and the US, before and after photos of FUE hair transplants and how to do due diligence to ensure you’re not using an inexperienced or dishonest hair doctor. The hair transplant industry in Turkey is growing rapidly and finding an honest and reputable doctor should be your first priority as there have been a few reported cases of bad hair transplants in Turkey.

It also explains how to compare hair transplant procedures in Turkey vs the US including the type of hair transplant, the surgeons, the costs and the post operative care.

For those who have more specific questions about hair transplants and the cost of different procedures, the guide goes into more depth answering these questions and guiding patients to more in depth medical information.

The founder of pschairartistry.com, James Winopec, explains that “hair transplant costs in Europe and specifically in Turkey are much lower than the equivalent cost in the US. There are doctors in Turkey that have similar experience and qualifications of American doctors as well as a great reputation, so US residents should consider travelling overseas to get their hair transplant done. ”

To get a free quote, see the new hair transplant costs guide or find out more about hair transplants in Turkey and how they compare to the US see their website at the link provided above.

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