Turbo Steam Fabric Steamer Wrinkle Removal Ironing Lightweight Product Launched

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The 2019 version of TurboSteam is now available, offering users a lightweight, portable steamer which can be used to safely remove wrinkles from all types of fabrics.

TurboSteam announced the launch of the 2019 version of their popular TurboSteam portable fabric steamer. Powered by 850W and being extremely lightweight at just over a pound, the steamer is ideal for users looking to iron and remove wrinkles from all types of fabrics, including cotton, wool and polyester.

More information can be found at https://turbo-steam.com.

Ironing can be an inconvenient chore for many, especially with traditional clothing irons being heavy, impractical, and requiring an ironing board.

The new TurboSteam can be used on all types of fabrics, does not require a board, and allows users to remove wrinkles quickly and conveniently.

The steamer is ready to be used in less than 45 seconds, and it has a built-in sensor which detects when it is not in use and turns it off automatically. This features saves time and offers improved safety, while also allowing users to focus on other tasks without worrying about turning the steamer off.

Traditional irons can be unsafe to use on certain fabrics, such as silk and wool. TurboSteam is entirely steam-based and allows users to remove wrinkles from even the most sensitive fabrics, without worrying about burning or damaging the item of clothing. The steamer can also be safely used on curtains, bedding and other pieces.

TurboSteam is also highly portable, being easy to use both at home and while traveling. A spokesperson for the company said: “Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or a busy traveler out on the road, TurboSteam works wherever you are! Your lightweight steamer for cleaning is compact and lightweight for packable portability you’ll be able to take everywhere.”

To ensure high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, TurboSteam comes with a 36-month quality warranty.

With the recent update, the team behind TurboSteam continues to invest in the development of advanced steamers for modern consumers.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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