Tunnel Kids receives 5 star review from San Francisco Book Review

Tunnel Kids by Werner J. Egli receives 5 star review from San Francisco Book Review. Tunnel Kids is about a boy trying to leave a hard life in Mexico for safety in the United States and the trouble he has on his journey.

Set in the mid-1990’s, Tunnel Kids is about a Tzotzil boy from Chiapas, who sets out through Mexico to the two cities of Nogales separated by the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona and Sonora. Leaving his childhood behind, the road he follows turns into a nightmare, leading him to the tunnels that harbor kids like Santiago, most of them without a future – but still with a dream.

“Composed in beautiful, sensual, and lyrical language, Tunnel Kids by Werner J. Egli is an engaging story of Santiago Molina, a fifteen-year-old boy who leaves his small village near San Cristobal de las Casas and travels to Mexico City to start a new life.” says Romauld Dzemo, San Francisco Book Review. “Tunnel Kids is a wonderful story, told in a powerful, clear, and exciting voice.” The full review can be read HERE.

Author Wernet Egli said ““I wrote Tunnel Kids after I came to the US and experienced a great nation built by people who left their homelands in hope of a better life.”

“Books like Tunnel Kids are especially important right now as immigration to the United States is becoming more of a flash point in political discourse and politics. Stories like this remind us that most of the immigrants coming to the US are seeking safety and a better life, not a free ride” says Heidi Komlofske-Rojek, publisher of the San Francisco Book Review.

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Werner J. Egli was born in Lucerne in 1943. From a young age, he traveled all over the world, preferably through the USA, where he also lived for a long time. Egli practiced various professions before he began to write. He has received several awards for his books. Werner Egli now lives as a freelance writer in the USA, Freudenstadt (Germany) and Zurich.

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