Tummy Control Shapewear High Waist Body Shaper Women Panties Launched

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BigEasyStores, a company providing fitness clothing and accessories, launched an updated collection of women shapewear. The new body control underpants feature stainless steel boning for improved posture, ultra high waist design and thicker materials.

BigEasyStores, a company specializing in shapewear and fitness accessories, announced an update of its popular collection of women’s high waist shapewear. Featuring a durable construction, thicker materials and a higher waist, the new collection aims to provide quality body shaper panties for various body types and sizes.

More information can be found at https://www.bigeasystores.com/products/slim-pantie… and https://www.amazon.com/Panties-Tummy-Control-Effec…

Shapewear has become a popular alternative for anyone looking to improve their body contour or fit various types of clothes for special occasions.

BigEasyStores provides a large collection of body shapers, yoga pants and fitness accessories. The company has recently updated its women body control underpants collection to increase durability and body shaping properties.

The new BigEasyStores tummy control underpants features stainless steel boning for improved posture and body control. Ultra high waist underpants tend to roll down – the stainless steel boning of the BigEasyStores underpants is designed to prevent such situations while also helping the wearer develop a correct body posture.

Another improvement over previous models is the use of thicker materials. This increases wearing comfort and improves stomach and waist control while also maintaining the natural lightness of thinner fabrics.

Finally, the new BigEasyStores underpants are designed to cover more of the waist. The ultra high waist design represents a departure from previous models, in an effort to respond to the latest customer demands.

The company announced that it will continue its efforts to improve the original design of their shapewear, with new models and additional features being currently under research.

“Our company has worked hard over the last eight months in researching for a perfect product for our customers. Series of tests have been made to come up with a product that can give our customers 100% satisfaction. Our products are designed based on customer feedback and it is exciting to see the reactions of our customers on the innovations we made for this product.”, said Rick Neeley, CEO of BigEasyStores.

Interested parties can find more information at: https://bigeasystores.com

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