Tucson Concrete Countertop Overlays & Refinishing Contractors Service Launched

The popular concrete overlay contractor Arizona Concrete Designs LLC, with free estimates at 520-338-7503, announced it is offering a beautiful, revolutionary range of CTI concrete countertop finishes for homeowners in Tucson looking to facelift their countertops at an affordable price.

The popular Arizona Concrete Designs, LLC has announced it is offering a unique, though and elegant range of decorative concrete countertop overlays for homeowners in Tucson who want to refinish their old, worn out countertops at an affordable price.

More information is available at http://arizonaconcretedesigns.com.

The Arizona Concrete Designs is a decorative concrete overlay contractor in Tucson, Arizona, known for the unique coating and refinishing it provides home and business owners who want to breathe new life into their concrete driveways, patios, pool decks and interiors.

The concrete coating specialists announced they are now offering an elegant range of decorative overlays for all those who want to refinish their old, boring or worn out formica countertops and enjoy a beautiful, new look without the costs, mess and stress of replacing them.

As a certified Concrete Technology Inc. (CTI) dealer and installer, the company sets the client up with a revolutionary overlay system that is stronger than normal concrete, easy to maintain and able to resist staining, extreme heat, mold, mildew and the heaviest day to day wear and tear.

These though, versatile concrete overlays by CTI can be delivered in a number of beautiful finishes, including the look, texture and color of inlaid brick, tile, stone and marble or something completely original crafted according to the client’s vision.

They are installed in a quick, reliable fashion by the seasoned crews at the Arizona Concrete Designs LLC with the utmost respect for the property, some of the best warranties around and a courteous, flexible service that strives to fit the client’s schedule.

The Arizona Concrete Designs LLC explains that “tearing out and replacing worn out concrete is an expensive and messy proposition where, in the end, the homeowner is left with the same boring, gray concrete slab they started with. We can save them that cost and mess with a beautiful overlay in the colors and textures they choose.”

Free estimates with the Arizona Concrete Designs LLC and more on the revolutionary CTI concrete overlays it has available for countertops and walkways, pool decks or patios can be requested at 520 338-7503 or through the website link provided above along with photo galleries and testimonials showing what has made them the ‘go-to’ concrete contractors in Tucson.

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