Tucson AZ Flooring Extension Family Home Deck Construction Report Released

Tucson AZ family business Frei Remodeling and Construction have released a report of one customer's experience with their decking project, including a portfolio of their safe and stylish decking.

Local Tucson AZ family business Frei Remodeling and Construction LLC have just released a guide to ensuring quality and safety when remodeling decks and flooring.

More information is available at https://frei-remodeling.com.

The released report explains a previous Frei R&C customer’s decision to have their deck remodeled and includes before and after photos of the project undertaken by the local Tucson business. This new report discusses how safety and structural integrity were priorities for the couple’s project, which took Frei R&C only eight weeks to complete to the highest industry standards.

As shown in the report, the couple’s project process began with a phone consultation about their vision for the deck. After the phone consultation, Frei R&C’s clients also had an in-home consultation to guarantee that the company’s designs were in line with what the customer envisioned. Using these consultations and designs, Frei R&C executed the stylish decking project as quickly and professionally as possible. Customers can have as much creative control over the project as they would like, including over the remodel design, deck materials, and railings, examples of which can be seen in Frei R&C’s online portfolio.

In addition to the released report on deck remodeling, the local Tucson family business offers to complete a range of construction projects including house extensions, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and family room remodeling. Like the deck renovations, these services are ideal for people with growing families who want to avoid the cost of moving to a larger property by extending their existing home.

Frei R&C always prioritize safety and quality in their constructions, allowing parents to have peace of mind that their children and friends can be safe while enjoying their deck and flooring renovations. Since 2010, the company has built over 25 home additions and installed over 50 new floors in Arizona. These flooring projects include tile, hardwood, and waterproof laminate floors, in addition to decking.

A spokesperson for Frei Remodeling and Construction LLC said “It’s easy to ignore the ground that you’re walking on. With how many steps we take in a day, what’s underneath our feet isn’t always at the top of our minds. But since your home is one of the largest purchases you’ll make in your life, don’t you want to take care of every part of it?”

More information is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-520-661-9627.

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