Tucson AZ Childrens Visual Correction Lazy Eye Vision Treatments Updated

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A newly updated lazy eye treatment service for children has been launched by the team at Arizona Vision Therapy Center. They pride themselves on high quality, caring service.

Arizona Vision Therapy Center have announced that they provide newly updated lazy eye therapy for children. The opthalmology specialists are based in Tucson, Arizona and have been serving patients since 2009.

For more information, please visit the website here: http://www.azvisiontherapy.com/therapies/strabismus-amblyopia

Dr Amy Thomas of the Arizona Vision Therapy Center offers specialist lazy eye or therapy and serves Tucson, AZ and the surrounding Dunbar Springs neighborhood. Dr Thomas is a board certified optometrist with experience in vision development and rehabilitation. The center explains that they offer vision solutions for the entire family.

Lazy eye, otherwise known as amblyopia or strabismus, is one of the leading causes of sight loss in children. Amblyopia manifests as decreased vision in one or both eyes and is due to the nerve connections between the brain and eye not receiving enough stimulation. When this occurs the brain will favour one eye over the other.

Strabismus, or eye turn, is an issue where the eyes are not simultaneously aligned and need therapy to improve the condition. The condition is also treatable in adults and can be beneficial for confidence. Patients report feeling enhanced self esteem upon completion of the treatment, as it can help them to live happier lives.

Arizona Vison Therapy Center offers children a customizable program to improve depth perception abilities and to decrease eye strain. The sessions will teach children how to improve the vision in the non-dominant eye and how to fuse the images of both eyes.

A parent has said of their experience at Arizona Vison Therapy Center: “First time getting glasses for my 2 year old with amblyopia and it could not have been a more pleasant and supportive experience. Pretty spectacular service and so good with kids!

The visual remediation services on offer through Arizona Vision Therapy Center can help patients by addressing their reading comprehension, mental and visual focusing, visual memory, spatial orientation and more.

Those wishing to find out more about Arizona Vision Therapy Center’s lazy eye therapy can visit the website on the link provided above. Alternatively, they can also be contacted at: 520 886 8800.

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