Tucson AZ Children Eye Exam Vision Problems Screening Therapy Services Launched

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Optometry practice Arizona Vision Therapy Center recently updated its range of comprehensive children eye exams in Tucson, Arizona and the Old Fort Lowell area.

Arizona Vision Therapy Center, an optometry practice in Tucson, Arizona, announced the launch of an updated range of eye exams for children in Tucson and the Old Fort Lowell area. The practice has been providing high-quality visual therapy solutions since 2009.

More information can be found at https://www.azvisiontherapy.com/therapies/vision-and-learning

The newly launched children eye exam solutions at Arizona Vision Therapy Center aim to help assess possible visual health issues before they become more serious.

Studies show that 25% of children have a vision problem that affects learning. Some symptoms of a vision-related learning problem include difficulty paying attention in school, struggles to understand instructions, strain, headaches, and fatigue with near tasks.

Being able to see clearly and perform visual tasks well is very important to a child’s education, social development and even athletic performance.

The pediatric eye exams at Arizona Vision Therapy Center can test for any eye conditions, diseases, or abnormalities, and the medical team can recommend treatment or management strategies, as necessary.

Dr Amy Thomas and her dedicated staff can help children succeed in school by addressing reading comprehension, visual memory, finding targets in a busy environment, matching abilities, spatial orientation, eye-hand and eye-body coordination.

An annual eye exam at Arizona Vision Therapy Center can be one of the most important diagnostic and preventative measures parents can take to protect their child’s vision and health.

Amidst the global health crisis, Arizona Vision Therapy Center is strictly following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s recommendations and taking as many proactive actions as possible to protect its patients and staff.

The medical staff are still dedicated and committed to helping the Tucson community with all of their eye health care needs.

A satisfied patient said: “Arizona Vision Therapy improved my quality of life. My vision, memory, reading abilities, concentration and so much more have positively been affected by the treatment I received. I am so grateful for their services!”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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