Tube Channel Mastery 2016 Adam Payne YouTube Ranking Training Launched

Adam Payne has just announced the 2016 launch of Tube Channel Mastery, a 35-video training teaching YouTube Channel creators how to optimize their videos and set up their channel in order to create authority and receive page 1 rankings.

Tube Channel Mastery, a YouTube ranking training just launched by Adam Payne, is a series of 35 videos with step by step instruction teaching users how to optimize and create authority with their YouTube Channels for page 1 rankings on autopilot.

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Video marketing through YouTube is a method used to reach a vast market. According to YouTube statistics, YouTube has over a billion users and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. The number of channels earning six figures per year on YouTube is up 50% year/year.

YouTube marketing is evolving on a day to day basis. YouTube gets more views than cable TV and is the most economical way to spread a message, promote affiliate products, CPA offers, Amazon physical products, create opt-ins and leads, brand businesses or monetize with ad revenue.

Tube Channel Mastery was created by full time video marketer and trainer Adam Payne. It contains 35 ‘over the shoulder’ video trainings that focus on teaching channel creators how to boost rankings. It teaches users how to optimize their YouTube Channels for search engines in order to increase their rankings and create authority on autopilot.

As YouTube has become more widely utilized, its algorithms for rankings have gotten smarter. The biggest factor to ensure videos get rankings is if they’re uploaded to a YouTube channel that is set up properly. No matter how well videos are optimized, if a channel is not set up properly it will not receive high rankings or a high volume of views.

In the Tube Channel Mastery training channel creators learn that an optimized channel does not need to have a lot of videos on it. It walks them through how to create engaging content that forces YouTube to rank videos high and fast, how to deploy channel and video optimization tactics for results that stick and how to piggy back the power of social media connections to increase results with a mostly unknown change in YouTube’s settings.

Tube Channel Mastery trains channel creators on how to stay on the cutting edge by showing them how to set up their channel the way that caters to YouTube’s ‘authority’ mindset across their platform. By mastering the steps to create on optimized channel, it allows them to replicate and create more channels for more revenue.

Also available with the training are URL Revolution WordPress Plugin, The Video Oracle Money Map and YouTube URL Generator.

More information about the launch of Tube Channel Mastery is available at:

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