Tube Ads Academy Training – Legit or Scam – Full Course Review

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Cash is The Answer releases its full review with video walkthrough of Jon Penberthy's Tube Ads Academy. More information can be found at

Earlier today, Online Marketing website Cash is The Answer published a thorough and unbiased consumer review of Tube Ads Academy answering the question is it legit or a scam? The conclusion being that while it excels at providing easy to follow instructions for getting cheap leads and sales from YouTube Ads, the YouTube Ads Training unfortunately loses points from having a lot of content to get through.

The full course review can be viewed at:

While other lower quality consumer review sites often focus solely on promoting just the good qualities of a product in order to make affiliate sales, Cash is The Answer strives to tell the complete story.

Liam Maynard, Founder at Cash is The Answer said “Our reputation is immensely important to us. If we don’t tell the truth, we serve no purpose. If people can’t trust us, then we will fail in or mission to provide legit, quality online marketing resources . That’s why we don’t hold back.”

The following extract makes a good summary of the review:

Jon Penberthy’s Tube Ads Academty is an in depth training program that takes you by the hand and walks you through everything you need to know step by step with over the shoulder videos and guides. It was created for business owners to create, launch and scale profitable you tube ad campaigns in the shortest time possible with least trial and error effort.

Cash is The Answer was created by Liam Maynard in 2019. Liam Maynard got the idea for the site when he saw a need for a trusted resource to help online entrepreneurs create abundance in their lives and businesses with a one stop site.

Since it first went online, Cash is The Answer has published numerous posts, reviews and resources in the Online Marketing market and always aims to give people a genuine glipse into the product so they can determine if it’s right for them, with its reviews.

Liam Maynard also adds “For any consumer wanting to check the legitimacy or a review, or know if they can trust the source, I advise you to do their own due diligence.”

Cash is The Answer’s complete and unbiased write up and review of Tube Ads Academy can be found at

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