TTS Video Editor Content Marketing – Lead Capture/Opt-In Cloud Software Launched

VideoRemix has announced a new video marketing tool update to help more business owners increase conversion and email signup. The software simplifies the video editing process and allows more entrepreneurs to create online content hassle-free.

Trusted by major brands worldwide including Adidas and Pinterest, the newly updated cloud-based video platform streamlines the most time-consuming elements of video creation. This makes it ideally suited for e-commerce business owners, coaches, marketers, and more.

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The latest industry data shows that by the end of 2022, videos will make up more than 80% of internet traffic. For companies wanting to grow their brand, utilizing video is crucial. Following the latest update, VideoRemix provides everything needed to make an impact.

Regardless of niche, businesses are seeking more video content to capture attention, improve their Google ranking, and drive conversions. Videos can be used as part of a social media marketing campaign, through email marketing, or on a company website.

However, until recently, it was time-consuming to create professional-grade videos. With the latest version of VideoRemix, entrepreneurs can leverage video seamlessly across any channel.

The video editor offers several distinctive features that make it suitable even for those with no editing experience. A key selling point is the integrated text-to-speech functionality. This removes the need for voice recording because the software can transform written content into attention-grabbing audio.

Because the software runs completely online, real-time video edits are provided. This reduces rendering time and allows entrepreneurs to create content faster.

The media import tool can manage clips and content from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and other popular platforms. The software also features a full-powered video and image editor that runs through a streamlined interface.

The latest update focuses on speed and agility in the video editing space. Businesses can create a personalized video using text-to-speech technology in minutes. This can then form a key aspect of their marketing campaign.

Users can increase opt-ins by creating video lead magnets much faster. Clients can expect high ROI on their website and Facebook ad conversions.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Leverage autoresponders, landing pages and Facebook. It’s as easy as selecting your autoresponder or Facebook and distributing personalized videos to thousands, each viewer receiving a unique video.”

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