Trump National Security Plan Focus Of Euro ‘Meme T-Shirt’ Protests In 3rd Debate

Political 'Meme' T-Shirts have become the mascot apparel for a series of small peaceful protests in London, Paris and Amsterdam... instigated after Donald Trump's comments on National Security and the preservation of The American Way.

UK-based T-Shirt designer ‘’ has created several designs of T-Shirt, which have become a focal point of small protests in major European cities; seen in London, Paris and Amsterdam… this ‘Either Way…’ movement was ignited after Donald Trump’s notorious comments on National Security and the preservation of The American Way.

Trump’s comments polarized the US public and drew massive attention, which propped him up for a viable US Presidential Candidacy; and now, after the T-Shirts gained viral popularity online in a matter of days,

The article reporting and updating the progress of the ‘Either Way…’ movement and controversy can be found at The Daily Moss.

The T-Shirts were launched for sale ahead of the third and final Presidential Debate of 2016, which will bring a close to what many are saying is the most controversial US Presidential Debate series in history.

The most popular design currently is the infamous ‘Either Way…’ T-Shirt, which presents head shots of both primary Presidential candidates, making the statement ‘Either Way…’ and then suggesting in essence that neither candidate is a viable option. The ‘T-Shirt’ Protests take it a step further, in an attempt to inform the world that reckless treatment of the democratic process serves noone.

The other popular designs currently focus on Mr. Trump’s previous comments on anti-terrorist and anti-immigration tactics.

Supporters of the ‘Either Way…’ Movement have been known to often make the comparison between the US Presidential Debate 2016 and ‘Bad Reality TV’. Many consider the T-Shirts have provided a way for the American public to show their dissatisfaction in a peaceful and good-humored manner.

The third and final US Presidential Debate of 2016 can be viewed on all major stations and streamed online Wednesday 19th October. For more on the ‘Either Way…’ Movement and examples of the controversial T-Shirts gaining rapid popularity can be seen at

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