Trump Daughter Tiffany v Hillary Clinton Daughter Chelsea Meme T-Shirts Designed

The Creators of the now infamous satirical apparel site ‘’ announce a new design of T-Shirt to satisfy the increasing meme zeitgeist surrounding the presidential candidates' daughters Chelsea Clinton and Tiffany Trump.

The T-Shirt designer behind the increasingly infamous satirical apparel site ‘’, which gave birth to the ‘Either Way…’ movement (based on a popular T-Shirt design) has announced it will soon be creating a new design. The new design will be based on the popular memes focused on the two primary presidential candidates’ daughters; Chelsea Clinton and Tiffany Trump.

The article reporting and updating the progress of the ‘Either Way…’ movement and controversy can be found at The Daily Moss.

In a rare and recent interview with the website’s elusive founder, inspiration for the design was discussed. The underlying concept for the T-Shirt brand was revealed to be a focus on ‘what the voting and non-voting public are thinking and talking about online’.

The founder made a point of stating what’s reported in the media and through official channels is very rarely the sentiment carried by the public. Examples were then given of how Tiffany Trump has been likened to the sloth character ‘Sid’ from the Disney Pixar movie; Ice Age.

Another example was given on the alternative side of how Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea has memes presenting a similarity between the DNC candidate’s daughter and ‘Donkey’ from Shrek.

The Founder stated:

“The idea behind the T-Shirts isn’t to be openly hurtful, not at all. It’s to capture the unspoken zeitgeist of the real people. It’s not about supporting one candidate over the other – it’s never been about that. Quite the opposite in fact. We’ve always aimed to keep fair, impartial and balanced. Both sides are treat equally”

Currently, the several designs from the brand are being seen at rallies and demonstrations around the country after being located primarily in Europe.

The Founder of has states the aim is to have the T-Shirt designed and ready for purchase in time for the election.

The election will take place Tuesday November 8th 2016. More on the ‘Either Way…’ Movement and examples of the popular and controversial T-Shirts can be seen at

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