Trump Clinton First Debate National Security Meme T-Shirt Released

The controversial and humorous moments, highlights and quotes of the fight between Trump and Clinton on how to keep the country safe and deal with ISIS during the opening 2016 presidential debate has been parodied by a trending collection of meme and cartoon t-shirts.

The most controversial moments, highlights and quotes of the most heated fight in the opening Donald Trump vs Clinton 2016 presidential debate have been parodied by a trending collection of funny meme & cartoon t-shirts.

The t-shirts can be viewed at:

The much anticipated first debate between the two presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, this Monday, at the Hofstra University, in Hempstead, New York, met most expert predictions with a multitude of controversial, heated and funny moments and highlights throughout both the domestic affairs and national security segments.

The opening presidential debate between the two candidates, broadcasted worldwide through most major TV networks, from CNN, FOX and NBC to BBC and streamed live on YouTube and Twitter, included multiple heated, unusual and humorous exchanges and attacks on each other’s plans to protect the country and handle ISIS and the threat of terrorism.

The funny highlights, attacks and quotes from both Clinton and Trump during the discussion on national security, immigration and each other’s ability to effectively respond to the threat of terrorism, which instantly went viral on Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, have been parodied with a collection of controversial, trending and humorous t-shirts.

The highly popular t-shirts, selling out among the most active Clinton and Trump supporters, feature multiple sharp, controversial and funny cartoons and memes parodying the candidate’s ‘soundbites’ and striking attacks on each other’s plans, record and ability to keep the country safe, effectively control immigration and defeat the threat of ISIS.

Amidst the ongoing discussion on who won and the impact of the opening debate on the election results, the latest national polls show Hillary Clinton still leading by a slim average margin of 4.3%, including virtual ties in key swing states like Florida, Ohio or North Carolina while losing to Donald Trump on the issue of terrorism (58% to 38%), currently considered the second most important topic after the economy by the voters.

The t-shirts can be viewed at:

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