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CapitalistHQ, a site offering in depth news and information on a range of political and financial topics, has launched. Recent reports focus on geopolitics and investment opportunities in India.

A new site has launched offering free, in depth and insider news and information for people that believe in “true capitalism”. CapitalistHQ is run by a team that has over 15 years of experience navigating markets, and covers a wide range of topics, including US Congress, Federal Reserve, Equities, Investment Research, Geo-Political Events, and Technical Market Analysis.

More information can be found at:

News articles on the CapitalistHQ site are broken down into categories to make them easy to read and digest, with key areas including Politics, Market Updates, and the Daily Market Report. Visitors to the site can click on each heading to find a breakdown of the latest news in these areas, and by clicking on each news item they can get further details on the topic.

In addition to this, the site’s main news stories are featured on the home page, so visitors can find the latest news and cutting edge stories simply by heading to the CapitalistHQ site. Those who would like the latest stories delivered directly to their inbox can sign up to the mailing list by entering their email address in the subscriber field while browsing the site.

One of the latest reports on the new site involves an investment report focusing on the key factors to be aware of when adapting to India as a market. The report explains that the fast-growing country is like any other when it comes to trends: usage of mutual funds, content and consumer products are driven by distribution.

It goes on to explain that to understand the market, people need to understand the nature of India itself. India has nearly 900 languages, and many of their words are not translatable to English. The history spans at least 5,000 years.

Another popular report highlights the economic uncertainty in today’s climate, and outlines how the narrative of global markets are shifting away from its focus on central banks and monetary policy towards geopolitics and fiscal policy.

Full details of the news site and all the articles available to readers are available on the URL above.

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