True & Bare Launches Sustainable, All Natural Cleaning Products for The Public to Breathe Easy Again

True & Bare Launches Sustainable, All Natural Cleaning Products for The Public to Breathe Easy Again

In the current state of the world, two of the essential elements are staying healthy and sustainable. Breathing in chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, and sometimes even formaldehyde, sprayed out of non-recyclable, toxic plastic bottles, could leave anybody gasping for air. Due to the pandemic, sales of cleaning products have certainly increased, yet not much innovation has touched the cleaning product world. What needs to be addressed is keeping consumers healthier after the product is used, not leaving them breathing in harsh chemicals. With so much toxicity in the world, what is needed is a breath of fresh air!

Well, get ready to breathe easy with True & Bare, a luxury brand of cleaning products for both home and body. Right now, knowing the ingredients of your cleaning products is paramount if trying to keep your home free of toxins.

Breathe easy knowing your products are toxic-free for you, your family, and the planet. Unknown dangers lurk in the depths of all the chemicals within everyday cleaning products for both consumers and the planet. All True & Bare products, including the Multi-Surface Spray, the Washing-Up Liquid, and the Loo Cleanser, are pet-friendly, kid-friendly, allergy-friendly, and planet-friendly. There isn’t anything un-friendly about True & Bare!

Breathe easy knowing you are using one of the healthiest options on the market. True & Bare sets itself apart from the competition through its dedication to health. For both the consumer and the environment, the ingredients formulating the product were well thought out. The founder, Gemma Dorsett, even made sure the packaging was just as sustainable as the product itself. Certified by Allergy UK, the product can be used even on the most sensitive skins. The cleaning and the body products were curated from a diverse palette of non-toxic and low allergen ingredients. There is no SLS or SLES in any True & Bare products, which are some of the most common skin irritants in cleaning products.

Breathe easy knowing you are contributing to a woman-owned business that sets out to revolutionize the market. True & Bare plans to tear down the walls of the cleaning product world with these undeniably earth friendly products by avoiding non-ethical ingredients. Founder Gemma Dorsett set out to make a difference at a crucial time. She stated, “With True & Bare, I knew I wanted to do everything I could to provide the most ethical, palm-oil-free, eco-friendly, skin-kind, and non-toxic products possible.” True & Bare puts love for the planet and love for health at the forefront of its mission. Dorsett believes that we can “work with nature to provide what we need rather than abusing it and creating damage to our health and the health of our planet. Each of our products is formulated and manufactured with love right here in a little corner of the planet called Somerset, England.”

Breathe easy knowing you are using the highest quality products without damaging yourself or the environment. Certified and thoroughly examined by Ethical Consumer, True & Bare promises ethical production of premium cleaning products for home and body. The company prides itself on being healthy for consumers and the environment, avoiding using ingredients such as palm oil, even if it is RSPO certified, to avoid any contribution to deforestation.

Breathe easy knowing that you’re contributing to removing CO2 from the air with the modern packaging of True & Bare products. True & Bare is proud of the “I’m Green” trademark seal on their labels. Sustainability was first in mind when packaging our products, going as far as helping the planet by capturing CO2 during the production of the bottles. Using biopolymers from sugar cane waste, a renewable resource, the packaging is sustainable and 100% recyclable.

Breathe easy knowing you are getting the highest quality products for an affordable price. True & Bare doesn’t only seek the most sustainable, healthiest option, but also refuses to waste the consumer’s money. True & Bare are particularly proud that a little of their products goes a long way, making them great value for money. Since COVID19 landed on our doorstep, people are thinking more carefully about how to spend their cash. Our products contain more active ingredients than leading household cleaning products. In other words, ethics and value for money!

True & Bare was born out of a pandemic and a frustration over how we are undervaluing the health of ourselves and our planet. True & Bare stands out as a truly health and planet friendly product at a time when hygiene, health and planet friendly living is paramount.

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