Trucking Investment Masterclass Early Adopters Online Program Launched

An investment program aimed at early adopters has been launched for those who want to make a regular passive income from the trucking industry as returns of up to 200% can be achieved.

A new online program has been launched aimed at early adopters who want to capitalize on the success of the trucking industry. The team behind the Next Level Trucking Program say it can be viewed as a passive revenue stream that is more secure than the real estate industry and provides a return faster.

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The newly launched program is aimed at people who want to take their investing to the next level and leverage the opportunities provided by a growing industry. The team explain that while manufacturers need supplies and online shoppers keep ordering from their favorite stores, truck and freight services will always be in demand.

Projected profits are broken down for potential investors to ensure they gain an insight into the kind of returns they can expect to receive. For instance, the team explain an investor can make money on their truck each time it is active and on the road.

The truck generated a gross profit of $4715 for one week. After costs, which includes fuel, bobtail insurance, EFS cards, damage, and plates, the total net profit was $3358. After taking away 40% for the driver, the truck operator still earned $2015 per week, which equates to $8000 per month, or $96000 per year.

Next Level Trucking Program aims to take a collateral-based industry that is growing and provide investors with real opportunities that can earn them a passive income during the year. The team add that the digital and tech revolutions have led to an increase in online shopping, which has caused the trucking industry to grow exponentially.

The program highlights the fact this 200% plus return on investment per year enables investors to own their collateral and see instant growth, unlike the housing market where investors wait years to see a good return and must have capital upfront.

A spokesperson said: “Real estate is no longer the wave – that wave is only protected by people’s public opinion and the appearance of what people are like. With freight and trucking, public opinion is irrelevant as anyone can earn a passive income every year.”

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