Trucking Investment For New Fleet Owner – Fast Startup Opportunity Announced

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Sheneva Whitley has announced the Next Level Trucking (NLT) Program, a turnkey trucking investment opportunity offering entrepreneurs an opportunity to create their own startup in the transportation industry.

Black woman entrepreneur Sheneva Whitley announced the development of a nontraditional investment system allowing investors and truck drivers to create their own transportation startup. Sheneva’s NLT Program offers entrepreneurs all the resources needed to create their own trucking company and set sustainable foundations for building generational wealth.

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The announcement comes as the trucking industry is continuing to grow. Recent figures show that close to 21 billion tons of cargo will be transported by freight trucks by 2028 – a major increase over previous estimates. This trend makes investment in a trucking company an attractive opportunity for new entrepreneurs and experienced drivers alike.

The opportunity welcomes entrepreneurs without a CDL license or previous trucking experience, offering them all the resources needed to start their own company.

The NLT Program provides a flexible way for new investors to setup their new trucking business with the help of industry experts. The company can facilitate the purchase of trucks, hire new drivers, undertake daily business management, and setup long-term contracts with an FMCA and DOT-compliant major carrier. Financing plans can also be arranged, if required.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “We have strategically partnered with major carriers, businesses, agents and brokers to develop this program. Our strategic partners have industry forecasting abilities, years of trucking experience and major resources that equate to higher premiums on freight, dedicated routes, fuel and repair discounts.”

Designed to offer a transparent turnkey investment solution, the program is open to investors of all genders and from all ethnic backgrounds.

Using the resources available, investors can start generating substantial revenue within as little as one year after the launch of their business. According to the company, the current industry standard indicates that entrepreneurs can generate an average net profit of $4,000 per month. This makes the program a high-potential opportunity for anyone interested in establishing a source of generational wealth.

The latest announcement is in line with Sheneva’s commitment to creating accessible business opportunities designed to meet the needs of forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

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