Truck With Septic Vacuum Cleaner & Trailer Manufacturer Site Launched

Satellite VacuumXpress leading manufacturer of trucks and trailers with septic vacuum systems have launched their new website. The company custom makes a wide range of truck sizes, offering lightweight cleaning options for a variety of clients.

Satellite VacuumXpress, the leading truck manufacturer, has launched a new portable restroom vacuum service. VacuumXpress builds its vacuum trucks to meet every application, which means that the customer’s needs are put at the forefront of every job and the equipment they use will be tailored specifically to the needs of each client they work with.

More information can be found on the company website at:

The Satellite VacuumXpress site explains that the company excels in building trucks for the septic industry. It offers an extensive range of single and tandem axle trucks and trailers for all occasions. These trucks range from 1,500 gallons to larger options with trailers ranging from 5,000 to 9,500 gallons, which can work well for servicing large jobs.

Every truck provided by VacuumXpress comes with three different kinds of tanks, including the Carbon Steel MD Series, the Aluminum MAL Series, and the Stainless Steel SS Series. This range of options helps to fulfil the goal of providing a truck for any occasion, so clients can get the right vehicle for their needs.

The portable trailer industry has grown worldwide not just because of the economic benefits it provides, but because of how easy it is to cater for the needs of the masses. Whether for construction sites, outdoor events or parties, portable toilets can increase worker productivity and ensure audiences enjoy themselves when they are out and about.

But this large network of septics needs to be cleaned and serviced, and this is where the VacuumXpress trucks come in. Satellite’s vacuum pump modules offer operators a lightweight method for cleaning grease traps, cooking oils, oil fields and home septic tanks, with simple design ensuring they work well in any situation.

Interested parties wanting to find out more can simply fill in their details on the form provided on the top of the Satellite VacuumXpress website. By filling in their details and what they would like to arrange with the company, VacuumXpress can get back to the customer with details and how much it is likely to cost.

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