Truck Fleet Investment Opportunity – Beginner Turnkey Program Launched

A black female entrepreneur has launched an innovative investment program for prospective freight trucking entrepreneurs, offering them a simplified way to get into the profitable industry.

Suwanee-based entrepreneur Sheneva Whitley has announced the launch of the Next Level Trucking (NLT) Program, which aims to lower the barriers of entry to the trucking sector.

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The newly announced program offers investors a simpler process to get into the billion-dollar U.S. freight trucking industry. According to the program’s creator, this will allow them to capture the sector’s anticipated yields from the gradually recovering economy.

The NLT Program differs in that investors are not required to have knowledge or experience in trucking to participate. After receiving the investment, the company will set up and manage the trucking business on their behalf.

In addition to day-to-day management, Ms. Whitley’s team will be in charge of the procurement of the vehicles and the recruitment of drivers. The company will also negotiate long-term contracts with the country’s largest carriers for the investor.

“You can enjoy peace of mind while your trucks are on the road and your investment grows,” the company stated on its website. It added that an investor can expect to see a significant ROI after one year.

While the trucking industry was hit hard by the pandemic, experts are expecting a turnaround starting this year. Market research firm IBISWorld, in its latest forecast, said that operators are expecting to see revenue growth “over the five years to 2026”.

The program can also benefit drivers because of the higher wages it offers compared to the industry average. The program also allows them to become business owners if they choose to partner with the company for the long term.

The company helps drivers establish themselves as business entities after 90 days. By the second or third year of continuous employment, they will receive a complimentary truck from the company.

The black woman-founded NLT Program was established to save trucking newcomers both time and resources through a turnkey solution. “Traditionally, the trucking business is a hard-to-navigate environment, especially when starting out,” the company said.

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