TrollTown Dungeon Tiles Debuts Site, Patreon Profile, Free Dungeon Tiles Line

Maker of accessories for table-top roleplaying games (RPGs), TrollTown Dungeon Tiles announces it’s new product lines, website, Patreon profile and free dungeon tile sets.

TrollTown Dungeon Tiles, makers of table-top roleplaying game (RPG) accessories, is proud to announce that it has officially launched it’s new product lines, website and Patreon profile.

The company has rolled out several new product lines, including not one but two comprehensive sets of dungeon tiles for use by gamers. The sets are the Basic Dungeon Tiles and Basic Tunnel Tiles, and consist of over 90 different tile designs between them, encompassing corridors and rooms of nearly every geometry and variation. Also available are free “mini-dungeons,” containing a scenario-based sampling of tiles. These are downloadable by anyone, and available on the company website:

The company’s flagship product is delivered via full color PDF documents that can be printed on any color printer. Also known as “map tiles,” “d&d tiles” and “game tiles,” the dungeon tiles are designed for output to standard 8.5” x 11” paper, from which the 8” x 8” modular tiles are cut. The company recommends a heavy paper or card stock, rather than standard laser printer paper.

Gamers can use the tiles to easily map out and play their adventures. Since players own the PDF the tiles are printed from, they can make as many as are needed. The tiles speed-up and enhance play, particularly for those using miniatures or game markers. And compared to other map tiles – like those made from resin, plaster and plastic – TrollTown Dungeon Tiles are nearly infinitely flexible, easy to set up and take down, portable and inexpensive.

Each dungeon tile contains sixty-four 1” squares. The squares represent approximately 6’, side to side, in the real world. This is known as 25mm scale (25mm approx. equals 1”). However, tiles can be printed larger or smaller, to accommodate miniatures of differing sizes, and players can make their own rules as to actual scale.

The “in-house” 25mm scale at TrollTown, for instance, is actually 50% smaller and has each square representing 3’/1 yard (or, for those metric oriented, approximately 1 meter). Regardless of the preference of the gamers and game in question, TrollTown Dungeon Tiles are readily adaptable. For example, the tiles can be printed at 60% size to work with 15mm miniatures.

The company’s launch is a two-pronged affair, involving both a website and a crowdfunding profile at Patreon. TrollTown’s Patreon profile is for those who wish to support the fledgling company’s efforts in developing and providing the most comprehensive and extensive library of dungeon tiles in the world.

“We liked the crowdfunding idea, and we decided to go with Patreon,” said the company’s marketing director and unofficial “mayor,” Lrak, “because it’s a great platform for reaching millions of people who want to support artists, craftspeople and creatives in general. We felt that having a ‘hub’ on such an important platform was critical to both reaching our demographic, and to the company’s long term viability and success.” Click here to visit the company’s Patreon profile:

Patrons can begin supporting TrollTown on Patreon for as little as $1 per month, and they will receive instant access to TrollTown’s Basic Dungeon Tiles sets. The starting level of support entitles patrons to receive any and all upgrades and improvements to the company’s core offering, as well as more dungeon tiles monthly. Higher subscription levels, of which there are almost a dozen, provide numerous additional benefits and products.

The company website ( provides a central location for all business matters, including discussions with the general public about it’s dungeon tiles and other products, news, dissemination of product samples and freebees, and as a showcase of it’s growing product line. Though it’s online store is still in development, TrollTown plans to provide a complete ecommerce solution for those who wish to purchase it’s products a la carte.

“Dungeon tiles are very popular with gamers, but coverage is very hit and miss, meaning they have never become as commonplace as they could – and we feel should – be. Gamers love them, but they’ve traditionally been expensive, hard to get locally, and required a lot of preparation and work to use. We aim to change all that,” Lrak said.

He continued: “Furthermore, dungeon tile sets are generally designed for a specific and discrete purpose – a particular scenario, like a tavern, in other words. Because of this, you’d be hard-pressed to adapt the dungeon tiles sets provided by other companies to a different environment. For example, you’d be missing a corridor of a certain type, or room of a certain shape.

“However, our Basic Dungeon Tile Sets, comprising Dungeon Tiles proper and Tunnel Tiles, with Caverns on the way and more each month, allow gamers to create just about any imaginable configuration of rooms, corridors and environments. Because they’re modular and printable, via PDF, they only need to print out what they need. And at the same time, they’re not limited to only a handful of map tiles which simply will not cover all the possibilities.

“We think gamers all over the world are going to really dig our colorful, flexible, incredibly cool dungeon tiles, and we encourage them to visit our site for free samples, and visit our Patreon page to support our efforts.”

The company currently offers two free “mini-dungeon” tile sets on it’s website, and promises more to come.

Active in social media, TrollTown encourages Facebook users to visit and interact with representatives and fans on it’s fanpage at:

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